N A Hampshire



The Search for Alfarin

28th May, 2024

In Victorian England two sisters, Tabitha and Beatrice, return home for the first time since their mother mysteriously disappeared three years ago.

Upon the night of a blue moon, Tabitha discovers a secret in her father’s study – a portal to another world called Torvicia – which may provide the answer to all of her questions. But Torvicia is at war and a sinister threat brews in the north. The Jotnar, a race of demi-god giants, possess the means to sway the balance, especially Alfarin, the mightiest of them all.

Tabitha finds herself unwittingly at the heart of a council, made up of creatures who believe she is key in finding Alfarin and saving Torvicia from the impending evil.

Tabitha embarks on a seemingly impossible and dangerous quest, along with her party of fantastical beasts. Will she find Alfarin and finally learn the truth about her mother’s disappearance?

With roots in myth and legend, The Search for Alfarin is a rich and magical blend of historical, action and fantasy fiction.